What is this “sleep” you talk of?

I am so very tired. I am starting to get permanent bags under my eyes. I am so very tired. I long to take a nap.

I was going to try to take a nice walk this afternoon (thanks D) but I have Nick sleeping and Jake super fussy since he has decided naps are no longer his thing. Im pretty sure he is getting another molar. Which translates to no naps, terrible eating, and difficult sleeping at night. As if that wasn’t exhausting enough having a 3 wk old in the house.

I had a friend stop by and bring lunch for Jake and me today. It was lovely. I love visiting. I feel, especially now with an infant, so trapped in the house and cut off from my friends. Not that I have too many here. So many have moved away. I have plenty of acquaintances and friends but only one close friend in the area. I would like to make more friends, but it’s so much work. Im a pretty laid back person and I need to have friends that I don’t feel judgement from. Other Mom’s out there can attest there is too much judgement all around. I hate to say I am guilty of it from time to time. Also, after I put all that work in they just leave anyways! Stupid military! Too many friendships have been made to simply have them ripped apart by what the military’s needs are. I still keep in touch with people, but Im not very good at it. There are some people who keep up with lots of their friends from the past, but I can honestly say I only have about three people from college that I keep in touch with on a regular basis and only one friend from before then that I still talk to. Ok, getting a bit too negative here. I have a few amazing friends that I can share anything with and I am glad for that!

Well, my disjointed ranting has gone on long enough, and Jake is requesting “Mom, sit couch” so I can watch dinosaurs with him. Cross your fingers for some sleep!

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2 Responses to What is this “sleep” you talk of?

  1. Dacia says:

    Instead of a ‘like’ button there should be a ‘hang in there’ button. I don’t really like the fact that you are always tired, jake isn’t napping, and you don’t have close friends in the area. I do like that you posted this and I got to read it and think about how shitty things are for everyone and it makes me feel better- just kidding! In a perfect world, we would be neighbors and we would hang out and have fun but that’s probably not going to happen soon so I will try to stay connected best via phone calls, facebook, blogging and whatever other technology in order to make sure you know you always have me as a friend- even if i can’t stop by and bring you lunch. By the way, you need an iphone. Mine has helped me stay much more connected and I feel so much closer to all my peeps chillin all over the country. Hang in there, kid!

  2. Hehe, i got very little sleep last night too, but the morning and a cup of coffee has brightened my outlook. I do have an iPhone. You are one of those friends I mentioned above. We might not talk all the time, but You are still the first person I call when Im pregnant and can’t get a hold of my husband 😉 Thank you for reading, I think you might be my only reader (for now at least). I miss you, and Im glad we are able to connect through blogging this way.

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