Sweep me off my feet

Oh, and you think Im talking about cleaning. So yesterday I went a little crazy for sweepstakes. I subscribe to Parenting: The Early Years magazine. I try to enter their sweepstakes every month. I also do all those stupid surveys that are on receipts to get a chance to win gift cards to the store/restaurant. Im a sucker. I know it, but hey I figure if you put your name in the hat enough times it might get pulled out.

I am always about free stuff. I am super, super cheap and so free trumps not free just about every time. Last year somewhere around April, coffee was spilled on my mousepad. I haven’t ever paid for a mousepad, and refused to buy a new one. I knew I would be able to score a free one somewhere! My friend A. would tease me about it. Once while she and I were shopping together we saw a mousepad on sale for $5 and I wouldn’t buy it. Finally my stubbornness paid off and I got a free mousepad in late Nov. muahahahaha.

So after balancing our checkbook yesterday and entering my receipt surveys and the sweepstakes from my magazine I thought, hey there are a ton of other opportunities out there to get free stuff, so let’s do this! So off I went. I went to a ton of different magazine websites, that I don’t subscribe to, and filled out forms to win things. Then I checked out some tv network and show websites and entered those contests. I even found my way to some state visitor bureau websites to win trips to that state. D, I might win a trip to TX so cross your fingers!!

I know that I am unlikely to win any of those contests. There are so many people out there who enter every day and probably make a job out of doing it, but hey that slim chance keeps me going. It has paid off in the past. I won two tickets to a Jimmy Buffett concert from a newspaper. One of Matt and my last nights out before we became parents for the first time.

So if your bored today and think its worth your time to goof around on the internet, happy sweepstaking!

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2 Responses to Sweep me off my feet

  1. Audrey says:

    i still laugh thinking about the excited text i got the day you found your free mouse pad!

  2. Im glad to bring joy to your day 😀 If you think that text was excited, you should have done the little happy dance I did!

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