On the weekends we usually have a cooked breakfast with eggs, meat and something. Often Matt is the one who cooks. It might take a little longer and there might be a little more of a mess to clean up, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world (hehe, Matt just read over my shoulder and said that he really isn’t messy, Im just crazy). I love that I don’t have to do it. I love to watch him cook. He is much more precise than I am. If he is following a recipe he measures everything exactly and likes to keep with the recipe, where I am more of a “wing it” kinda gal.

I get to sit back on the computer which is next to the kitchen. We listen to NPR often, Jake is running around playing with toys (bottom-less today, since he wants to try the potty again), Nick is sleeping in his crib, ok he was sleeping, just heard him wake up.

Ok, we finished eating. Jake is wearing his big boy underwear and Matt is holding a peacefully sleeping Nick.  Im being a little “bad” and drinking another half cup of coffee. I try to limit my intake to one cup a day, but eh, a little coffee once in a while won’t hurt.

The start to another wonderful Sunday.

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