This week has been great!

My Mom who lives on the other side of the country came into town Monday night. She is staying for a week and I am thrilled. She has been cooking and cleaning and I have been able to recharge.

Yesterday I left her with both boys and I went and got an eye exam. My old glasses had a big crack in them. I had been patiently waiting until my pregnancy was over to get another exam. (Your prescription can change while pregnant, thanks a lot hormones) I was out of the house for 3 1/2 hours. It was kind of amazing. I trust my mother completely with my children, but still probably called to many time to check in.

She has raised three kids and is very qualified to watch my two, but I couldn’t help myself. I expressed some milk over the weekend just in case. He slept just about the whole time I was gone though. I worried; whether he would take a nipple, if Jake was going to be a handful, if they both might start screaming at the same time, all those types of things.

Of course everything went smoothly. I fed Nick and laid Jake down for a nap before I left. Later my Mom told me that Jake heard my van start-up and said something like “Mom no go, no take van!” Pulls at your heartstrings. They just played and played after he woke up.

Today is the day I get to try on that bridesmaid dress….sigh. I haven’t tried on clothes for a very long time. I am curious and nervous to see what size I am fitting into now.

On a side note one good book done. I really enjoyed reading My Life in France by Julia Child. It was wonderful. She is such a fun character. She is so upbeat and looks at things in a very clear-cut way. I want to eat buttery french food! If you haven’t read it yet, please do its wonderful!!

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  1. Dacia says:

    I am so glad your mom came for a visit. It must have been great seeing her and having an extra set of helping hands. Dying to know how it went with the dress!!! Also, can’t wait to read ‘my life in france’

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