Up the back

Ok, so you Mom’s out there will probably have a good guess at what my title means. I had to clean my first up the back poop today. You might ask, “Don’t you have a two year old? How have you gone so long without an up the back poop?”

When Jake had explosive poops they would shoot out the side. More than once while I was holding him poop would pour out the side of his onsie and down my shirt onto the floor. I know, ewww.

Nick had poop up his back just shy of his shoulder blades. It wasn’t too bad since he is only eating breast milk and was easy to clean up but still….poop.

As I sit here typing and nursing, Jake has come up and keeps asking me to “Mom moo cow” and I can smell that he has a poop too. Oh the joys of motherhood.

Sunday my mother left for home and yesterday Matt left for a training excercise. This is my first week alone with the boys. We survived the first day. At no point was I on the verge of tears or shouting. I even was able to go grocery shopping, do some laundry and wash some dishes.  For my next feat I will be leaping over small buildings.

Jake decided that it would be a good idea to start potty training again yesterday. Ok, what he really wanted to do was walk around naked all afternoon and pee on the floor. I got him to wear underwear and he did pee in them, but no big messes. Thank goodness!

Lets hope for a easy clean up day.

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One Response to Up the back

  1. Dacia says:

    Ummm, gross. Lol! I know that it is part of parentig but still it kind of freaks me out. We always get a warning when we babysit maddie about her poops and making sure she has something to play with when we change her or she will reach down and grab poop. Lol! Glad you made it 2 years! I am impressed!

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