Six years

Six years ago today I married my best friend. I wanted to take some time to reflect on these last six years.

Matt and I got married the first weekend of my spring break and a few days after Matt graduated from TBS. We started out with a honeymoon that had a lot of driving around and time together but not much else. After that week I returned to college and Matt started flight school.

In our first year we lived in Enid, OK. Never did I think our adventures with the military would take us to OK. I learned a lot that first year. I learned about Matt’s quirks. I learned that the military would mean spending time apart. I realized how difficult it was living so far from home and not knowing anyone. I learned what mandatory fun and that you can be voluntold to do things. I learned that Matt and I are both super SUPER competitive and that maybe we should never bowl together or play games that we are not on the same team.

Our second year brought us back to Fl, Milton to be exact.  I learned that the walls of our duplex weren’t all that thick and that you could hear everything the neighbors were doing. I learned how much another couple could bring to your relationship and how much friends can keep you sane. We bought our first car together. I learned how fun and boring it could be working in a cubicle. I learned how sad is it when people die during training and how guilty you can be at the relief you feel that it wasn’t your husband.

We spent our third anniversary packing up to move to Oceanside, CA. I got to see how beautiful America is. What an amazing (looooong) drive. We bought our second car together. I realized that a stick shift is much more convenient in Florida where there are no hills and I don’t have to sit in traffic to get to work. I learned that life was easier and more fun if I wasn’t so competitive. I learned that new friends can be just as good as old friends.

In our fourth year of marriage we moved to San Diego. Only 45 minutes from our apartment. We lived in our first house and got a garage too! I FINALLY graduated from college. Then I was lucky enough to experience pregnancy. At the end of that year we welcomed our first child. How that changed our lives and had me learning even more things. Then soon after Jacob’s birth Matt left on his first deployment.

I spent half of the next year without my husband at my side. I became obsessed with checking my email and kept my cellphone practically surgically attached to my person. I learned that absence does make the heart grow fonder, but being apart can be miserable. I also learned that I am much stronger and independent than I thought I was. I kept the house together. Jake, the dogs and I were all alive and well when Matt came home. I learned to travel with an infant with my trips to FL to see family. I learned that the first 6 months of a deployment go by much faster than the last one and the last week drags on and on and on. I learned how hard it is to change squadrons and have to make new friends.

This last year I got to see how hard it was to have a toddler with Daddy away while Matt did training on the opposite side of the country for 3 months. I saw how difficult it was for Matt when Jake wanted me much more than him after he came home. I had to go through the sadness of having friends move away. I realized that I have become jaded and don’t reach out to new friendship because I know we will all move away eventually. I learned that children make the holiday’s so much brighter. I was blessed again with the opportunity to bring a life into this world.

Its been nice to sit here and think about the last six years. I feel very fortunate to have found a man that makes me happy. I feel so blessed that when I sit back and watch him with our two sons. Our life together definitely is not perfect. I don’t think anyone’s life can be. I am satisfied with my life, I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside when I think of us.

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One Response to Six years

  1. Dacia says:

    Happy Anniversary! I really can’t believe we both have been married six years! It is amazing how much has changed and how far we both have come. I love you and Matthew both so much and wish you 60 years of wedded bliss! Congrats!

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