Guilty Mama

I feel terrible!!!

Today I took Jake to the dentist for the first time. I was nervous since it is often a battle brush his teeth at night. He was a trooper! He let the dentist look in his mouth and even got an x-ray.

Now the bad news. Cavities in four teeth. How has this happened to my poor little guy? I have myself to blame. I nursed Jake for 11 months and I usually put him to bed already asleep. So as he got older I did a bad and let him go to sleep with a bottle. As he got older it turned into a sippy cup. Well, that and infrequent flossing has led to cavities.

He will have to be put under general anesthesia and get fillings. I feel horrible. I don’t let him eat sugary things very often. He eats mostly fresh non-processed food. There are other things I have done for his health, like limit sweets and processed foods. How could I have dropped the ball so badly with his oral hygiene.

So, no milk with his afternoon nap. Amazingly when I explained to him that the dentist said he had to brush teeth after drinking milk so he couldn’t have milk in bed he didn’t freak out like I thought he would. Matt is putting him to bed now. Seems to be going well.

Fellow Moms out there take this as a cautionary tale. Take care of your little ones teeth!

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One Response to Guilty Mama

  1. Dacia says:

    I will put this in my memory bank in case I ever have kids. definitely good to know. Poor Jake! I know he’ll handle the cavity procedure like a champ! Hope he transitions into nap/sleep without milk ok. Good luck!

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