Yay, pee pee!!!

Jake peed in his potty!!!!! He went on Saturday and Monday. This is not his first time peeing in the potty, but the first time in a while. In the last few weeks Jake has been ripping off his diaper and traipsing around the house half-naked peeing when the urge found him.

I am elated that he peed in the potty. I really hope this is the first step to big boy underwear. I will be so happy when I only have one bottom to diaper. I know there is a long road of accidents and clean ups ahead. That still is better than diaper changing.

In addition to peeing in the potty Jake also was a super sweet kid yesterday. At lunch time I had fixed his lunch and was half way through making my salad when Nick woke up. So I sat with Jake while he ate to nurse. Jake kept asking me if I was going to eat. I told him that I was going to but I had to feed baby brother first and then I could finish fixing my lunch. Well, Jake the got up, got a fork out of the drawer put it in my salad bowl and then brought my salad to me. “Mom eat mush, Mom eat carr, Mom eat cel” (Mom eat mushroom, Mom eat carrots, Mom eat celery which was actually lettuce). Then he made sure I ate some bites before he ate his lunch. SUPER CUTE. On the down side those were the only three items in my bowl at the time and I got to eat lettuce, carrots and some mushrooms all by themselves.

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3 Responses to Yay, pee pee!!!

  1. Dacia says:

    How cute is Jake? That story made me laugh and cry because he is just so sweet!

    Also, big congrats to Jake on progressing on his potty training! Yay! good for him and you!

  2. jamesandjax says:

    Aww, such a sweet kiddo! It’s so great to hear about considerate children! And congrats to you both for the potty training milestone! We are just beginning with Jax, who is only 19 months old. We’re taking it VERY slowly and not insisting on anything; we merely bought a cute potty chair and are leaving it out for him to explore for now, til he’s more ready. He just started showing interest these past few weeks.

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