Yesterday I beat out temptation!! I went to Starbucks with the boys to get a skinny caramel latte and bought a pastry for Jake. I didn’t share it with him! That might sound silly but it was very hard for me not to indulge. I have a Starbucks drink maybe once a week or so (get a gift card and sign up on their website to earn free drinks, syrups and things like that). I always want one of those really yummy mini donuts or something with frosting on it.

More than beat temptation I worked out too. Not just a walk either, which is usually all I can get with the boys in tow. While Jake was napping I cleaned off the Bowflex (which is great for hanging flight suits out to dry) and opened that bad boy up. It hadn’t been used for at least 2 years. It takes up so much room and is so ugly, but Matt insists he will use it again. I did arms then did squats, lunges, and some crunches. I’m a little sore, but feel great.

Today has also been a fairly productive day. I got some laundry and dishes done. I might impose a day or two of being naked and eating with paper plates and plastic forks so I can have a respite from laundry and dishes. Now if I can clean up toys and vacuum today I might triumph over my perpetually messy house!

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One Response to Temptation

  1. Dacia says:

    Awesome! Those mini donuts at Starbucks are hard to resist. They just look so perfectly yummy! But I digress, you did a great job today and I am very impressed with you getting in that bowflex workout! Way to go Em!

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