Green Thumb vs. Black Thumb: Let the battle begin

Last week I got a garden plot in my neighborhood. The last two years I have attempted to grow vegetables in pots without much success. My greenish thumb and I thought we might try it out again this year, but in the ground.

The whole gang headed out after breakfast and hit up the local garden supply store. We bought chicken manure (yumm-o), stuff for the soil (can’t remember the name), seeds, a new shovel, and some cute gloves for me and Jake.

Jake was very excited to play in the dirt and plant things. First we dug up the ground and mixed in the manure and other things to fertilize the soil.

We planted watermelon, summer squash, and green onions in the plot and are going to start tomatoes, peppers, and jalapeno indoors until they can be transferred. After we put the watermelon seeds in the ground Jake proclaimed that he was ready to eat watermelon now. If only it worked so fast.

Then we got out our hose and watered the heck out of it. Below is Jake “finishing” watering the plot while Matthew wound up the hose.

Hopefully by next week we will be able to see the beginnings of growth. Yay for fresh home-grown produce in my future…maybe….

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2 Responses to Green Thumb vs. Black Thumb: Let the battle begin

  1. Dacia says:

    I am green with envy! Lol! What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! Good luck!

    PS I told Paul about the 4 vacations goal and how I told him I would be going to San Diego for one of them and he said he wanted to come too so it looks like you should plan for both of us!

  2. The more the merrier!!!

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