Spice it up

Here are a few things that I do to try to “spice” my day up:

Since starting Weight Watchers again I have had to change my coffee in the morning. I had been “bad” and would put in some very yummy, not good for you flavored creamers. Yum! Well, I haven’t looked up the points for that stuff, I don’t want to think about it. So I am putting in splenda and a tiny bit of non-dairy creamer, or skim milk. Definitely NOT as fun. On mornings, when Matt isn’t sharing the pot with me, I add some spices to the grounds (if you add them directly to the cup the spices will float, which isn’t as tasty). So if you want  something a little different, mix in a little cinnamon and vanilla extract to your coffee grounds. It creates a wonderful aroma and a slightly different taste. When I do this I don’t feel like I am missing out on the yummy creamer.

Who has time to dedicate to working out everyday? Not me! I recently found out that crunches might not be the best exercise for you, especially if you have given birth recently. I have started to trying to have good posture and keep my stomach muscles tight throughout the day. It is a small thing you can do during your everyday activities, or even just sitting down. It helps pull your muscles together and can help to flatten (a little) your stomach. Here is an article from parenting magazine How to Lose Baby Weight. This article is good for anyone who is trying to slim their waistline a bit, not just new moms.

In the last two weeks I have tried out 8 new recipes. I often find myself cooking the same few dishes each week. No fun! It definitely is a risk trying out a new recipe. Like last night I made a cheater 15 min. Gumbo that turned out too spicy for all of us. My husband is such a trooper for trying all my new concoctions and not complaining when they don’t quiet hit the mark. See what you have in the fridge and if you don’t already have plans for it do a search online for something new to try. If its yucky, you can always fall back on leftovers or take out.

Something that always adds a little “flavor” to my life are my children. This morning Jake found a pair of wings we had gotten at a fair a while back. He had never been interested in wearing it before but came and brought it to me today. I told them they were wings, and he promptly replied “Put wings on arm so Jake fly.” I told him I could put them on his shirt like the wings Daddy wears.

Jake flying with his wings

 What do you do to “spice” things up?


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2 Responses to Spice it up

  1. Latina Barbi says:

    I found the best way to flavor my coffee is to buy the Torani sugarfree syrups..I’m hooked on the hazlenut tight now! MUAH!

  2. Dacia says:

    I am pretty set in my morning and afternoon routine and because I am lazy, it probably won’t change much aside from incorporating some new snacks. However, I am always trying new recipes for dinner. I like to search for freezable recipes so they keep better since I only cook one day a week. Most freezable recipes, however, are for stews, soups, or chilis. Really anything in a sauce although I found a really easy, super freakin yummy casserole recipe and that froze and reheated beautifully. I like to look at Cooking Light for recipes because, obviously, they are lighter, and because they give the nutritional info so I can just plug it in and instantly know my points. Yay! But I digress, what I was going for was that I have been making alot of chili recipes lately and that is definitely spicing up my life. Not only are they tasty but the spiciness is great to kick up the metabolism. So yay!

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