Spring Fling Bust!

Today we tried to attend a Spring Fling event held in our neighborhood. So, this morning after breakfast and cleaning up a bit (ugh, potty training) we all go dressed and headed out to the new location.

We got there for check in at 10:30. Then had to stand in line for 30 minutes before they even started checking people in and another 20 or so to get to the front of the line.

Tried to take photos with the Easter bunny, but Jake is still afraid of that guy!

We LOVE the Easter Bunny


They provided lunch and I did pretty good. I ate half the bread from my sandwich and peeled the skin off the chicken breast. I also skipped the brownies and had a slice of watermelon. Skipping the brownie, by itself was not too bad. Having to watch Matt and Jake eat their definetly made it more difficult!

There was no egg hunt either. Jake got a little basket with three eggs in it.

Nick slept the whole time, so there was a small victory. He was all bundled but too, so he didn’t get wet as it lightly rained while waiting in line. Oh yeah, they changed the location due to rain, but still had everyone waiting outside to get in so we all got rained on a little…geeeze!

Glad that is over with!

On the up side we all got to spend time together. That is what counts!

Tomorrow will have an update on our little garden. I haven’t checked it in a few days, and am hoping that there will be a few sprouts out.

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2 Responses to Spring Fling Bust!

  1. Dacia says:

    I read this post outloud so Paul could hear about your adventures. He says he really misses you and Matt. He also said he wants to come visit in late October/early November instead of going to Las Vegas which was the trip we had originally thought of doing. Looks like we are making progress. I know it is far away, but this summer you and I will need to pick a weekend that works best to have us come and visit. I am super excited! We both miss you guys so much!

  2. Yay!!!!!!! Late Oct/Early Nov. sounds great!!!

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