Wet Wednesday

Easy on and easy off. Froggy makes it fun!

Would you like to know what a quiet day in our house is like? I would like to know too…

To encourage Jake to use the potty we have an exuberant celebration for every little drop that goes in the potty. My ears hurt.  I’m tired of shouting “HOORAY!!!” I am so glad that he is going in the potty, and he is cute when he runs up to me pants-less saying “Yay, I pee in frog potty, YAY!”

My husband and I have decided to reward Jake with a treat after he uses the potty. The celebration and treats seem to be working well so far. Our accident rate has decreased dramatically. I don’t love that I have had to resort to treat giving. I would have been much happier if the celebration had worked alone. Of course the less pee I have to clean up the better.

Still, as with many other parents I am finding Jake is more willing to pee in the potty than poo. I’m so glad we got a carpet cleaner recently. I also am glad that he has a healthy balanced diet and the stool to prove it…I know gross, sorry.

We have also found ourselves searching online for articles like: How long does potty training take? Potty training techniques.  The American Academy of Pediatrics website has an article Creating a Toilet Training Plan that you can check out. I like their website the best so far. I can trust their information.  There are too many sites with advice, but no one backing it up.

For the multitude of information available there are no definitive answers. Potty training is a process that varies greatly with each child. So for others out there dealing with potty training, Good luck and keep patient!

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3 Responses to Wet Wednesday

  1. Dacia says:

    I should try treats – maybe that will help Paul get it in the bowl. Lol! JK!

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