Spreading the Free Stuff love

In earlier posts I have talked about how much I love free stuff. I realized that I haven’t shared the free stuff love. Here are a few things that I do, a few sites I check out, and some other things.

First, I recently found the websites ilovefreethings.com and heyitsfree.net. Both websites list an array of free things daily. There are reward codes available too. In the last week I have signed up to get a bunch of free samples and coupons mailed to me. I would definitely recommend that if you are going to start signing up for a lot of free things you should have a “junk” email address to direct all the extra emails to.

A friend refered me to The Reluctant Weight Watchers Foodie blog that had a great link to a fun drawing. It is a giveaways containing “the ultimate baking trio: a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, a year’s supply of King Arthur Flour, and $50 cash”. So, of course I entered. If you click on the link below you can enter also, and if you win I win! Yay!!!


I also entered into a Leapfrog contest today. Go to the Leapfrog Facebook Page and “like” it. Then follow the directions to enter to win a great Easter Basket filled with $500 worth of Leapfrog merchandise. You can’t turn that down!

A good website to find deals is Baby Cheapskate. This site updates daily with different deals available online for a bunch of baby and kid realated products.

Well, that should get you started in the quest for free things!

Do you have a great way to get free things? What is the best free thing you ever scored?


UPDATE: It seems as though I completly forgot a great giveaway to tell you about. My friend over at Thirtythreeandcounting.com is giving away some beautiful paper art for a lucky reader. Check her blog out and then the etsy shop to tell her what your favorite item is.

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3 Responses to Spreading the Free Stuff love

  1. Dacia says:

    Awesome post except for the fact that you forgot to mention my giveaway. LOL!

    I am definitely going to check out those websites.

    On a random note, today I won brownies from a blogger I follow. How cool is that???

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