Wednesday Randomness

Today is going to be a mix of topics.

I have blogged about my penchant for free things in the past. I have started to receive some of the stuff I ordered in the mail. I got postcards, and popcorn samples. I also got my items from Little BowTique (I won $20 gift card to the shop). Super cute!! I ordered four personalized tote bags and some hair bows. I am very excited to send the bows to some family members who are about to have little girls. One tote bag each for my boys and one each for my niece and future nephew.

A friend of mine in New York recently opened his own bakery. YUM!! I wish I lived closer so I could indulge in the deliciousness!!! So, if you live in New York and want a super tasty super cute cake check out Flamingo Sweets.

This morning I felt like one of those tetris puzzles. You know, the kind where there are already some blocks in place and you have to arrange the falling pieces to fit. Around midnight Nick woke up and I fell asleep nursing him on the recliner. I woke up at 3 fed him again…and maybe fell asleep. Around 4:30 Jake woke up screaming. Nightmares are no fun. So, I laid Nick down and had Jake on the recliner. Jake had me pinned on the recliner. I tried to get up and put him in bed, but I was stuck. Then Nick woke up around 5 to be fed again. So, Matt brought him out and laid him on my chest. My left arm was buried under Jake and Nick was laying across me ,with his head in Jake’s back, nursing, making a “T”  As I write this it isn’t sounding nearly as funny as I thought it was. I guess I am more awake now and have had my coffee.  

I had been lying there on the recliner thinking how funny it would look if someone walked into my house. That I should definitely blog about this, because I was kinda cracking up…. Oh well.

Last Friday I tried out a new recipe I found at The Kitchen Tutor’s blog. I found her blog about a month ago and love to look at it! There are great photos of every step of a recipe and great explanations. Every thing is made easy and accessible. This is definitely a place I have started to go to get ideas for dinner. I had never made General Tso’s  chicken before, but with the Kitchen Tutor’s help it can out nicely and was a hit with the family.

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