Sunny Saturday

The weather in Southern California is beautiful today. This morning my neighbor and I packed the kids up into their strollers and went for a short walk to a park near the house. Jake was very excited, he LOVES playing at this particular park because the ground is sand. We bring one of his big trucks and some shovels. There aren’t too many things that can beat sand, trucks, and a shovel for a two-year old.

My neighbor and I chatted while Jake played. Nick fell asleep in his stroller which made it easier on me. J’s son is only 5 months old so he sat with us the whole time. It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather. Not a cloud in the sky, not too hot or cold, with a slight breeze. So Cal weather is hard to beat!

In previous post’s I have talked about my difficulty establishing new friends. I feel like I am becoming closer to my neighbor, which is nice. She is a first time mom whose husband is deployed. J does call and text me with parenting questions at least once a week. I kinda get a kick out of the fact that she looks to me for advice. Yes, Jake has survived over two years without anything catastrophic happening, but I’m no expert. I often don’t give her definitive answers. I feel like a lot of being a parent is to follow your own instincts and listening to your doctor.

Sometimes I still don’t have the desire to chat and learn about other people. Some days I just want to stay inside with the kids and enjoy them, or take them to the park during a slow time so there is no one else there. I do get Jake out to play with other kids to learn social skills. How funny, I’m trying to teach my son social skills, when I often don’t want to socialize with others.

I wonder how being a military spouse has affected my attitude on friendships. Matt has 24 hr duty today. I get another day alone with the kids. If we lived closer to our families I feel like we would probably be visiting someone, or if Matt had to work on a weekend, I could drop off the kids with my Mom and I could take a nap or something. Usually in writing out a blog post I end up feeling better. Today I have turned my outdoor happiness to grumpiness.

It’s beautiful out. It’s the weekend. We are going to have a great day!

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2 Responses to Sunny Saturday

  1. Latina Barbi says:

    and you get tomorrow as well! That’s 2 days! MUAH!

  2. Dacia says:

    I know how you feel, usually blogging has a positive affect but sometimes I end up in a bad mood after writing about certain topics. I hope you kicked your grumpiness aside and were able to enjoy your weekend!

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