What a day. I am so glad it is over. I was going non-stop for much of the day. Over the weekend my husband’s truck battery died. No good. I had to bring my van to him while he worked a 24 hr shift over the weekend. Yesterday, we were supposed to go get a new battery, but of course the day flew by and we forgot.

So, this morning as he is running a little late we realize that his truck is not going to start. Do we have time to jump his truck and then let him figure out what to do when he wants to come home? Should he take the van and leave me and the kids with the stroller? In the end he did take the van and I had someone give me a jump so I could start the truck. Drove it to the local Wal-Mart and had them change the battery. HOLY COW!!! Batteries are freakin’ expensive. I walked around the store for a little over an hour waiting for them to be done.

Got home at 9 am. Quickly fed the baby and changed diapers to leave the house. Dropped Jake off at a friend’s house and was off to the dentist. Nick was an angel again and slept the whole time. I have a cavity, 😦 . It is my first cavity as an adult. Boo! Have to go back to the dentist next week.

After the dentist I run to the post office to send off Mother’s Day cards and gifts to our mothers and grandmothers. I was at the post office for 45 min. Pick up lunch for the kids, my friend and myself. After I got to her house she left for a quick trip to the store.

The boys and I didn’t end up home until 2pm. Of course, I left Jake’s bear at my friend’s house. So, he went down for his nap, but woke up screaming crying only an hour and a half later because he didn’t have his bear (during that nap I cleaned the whole time). As he is hysterically crying I get dressed, put pants on him and get Nick into the baby carrier to walk over to her house. We get the bear and stay and play a little longer.

On the way home we stop at the garden and water the plants. A few minutes after we get home Jake breaks down again crying for no apparent reason, just as Matthew walks in the door. I realize that I forgot to take anything out of the freezer to cook so we order a pizza. It’s only Monday (weigh in day) and I have already used up 9 extra points. Ugh! Can I just start this week over again tomorrow?

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One Response to Phew!

  1. Dacia says:

    Wow! Just reading about your day exhausted me. I don’t know how you do it all. You are an amazing wife and mother! I wouldn’t worry too much about those 9 points, that’s what they are there for. I do know what you mean about using them on weigh-in day though. I WI on Saturday morning so Friday night I try to eat a good dinner and then I don’t eat until after my WI. The whole meeting is filled with people eating because no one wants to eat before WI. LOL! Well, good luck this week- hope things slow down for you. Sorry about the cavity!

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