Lately, I have been finding that I don’t have the time, energy, or drive to write up a blog post. The times I have wanted to a certain two year old or three month old would have something to say, like “Mom, I poop floor!” or “Waaaaaaa” (Nick isn’t quite as articulate as his brother yet).

So, here is what I have been up to.

Last week seemed so very busy! Matt flew late a few nights which always throws my day off. It’s nice to spend more time with him in the morning, but then he doesn’t get home until very, very late. This invariably has the effect of me going to bed very, very late. I always have trouble going to bed when he is not home. I end up watching silly shows on tv or Netflix. The series I am watching on Netflix now is Ugly Betty. I am really enjoying it. It is stupid, funny, and filled with ridiculous drama that I don’t lose sleep over.

My garden plot is growing well. The squash plants are getting so big. I probably have planted a few too many, but its all good. I am all for sharing my produce once it starts to grow.

Jake woke up around 4:30 or so this morning. Poor guy is getting a cold and is all stuffed up. I’m so glad I hit the hay kinda early. Nick is on his playmate now and in the last 15 min he has moved about a foot from where he stared. Gone are the days where I lay him in one spot and he is there when I get back. I remember fondly going to get Jake in the morning or after naps to find him on the opposite side of his crib. Nick is starting to do just that.

Well, I’ve done it again. Rambled on about all sorts or random things. I should go wash dishes and do laundry. Joy! 😉

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One Response to Slacker

  1. Dacia says:

    I’ve missed your posts! Glad to hear all is well with you and the fam. I can’t wait to finally meet Nick and Jake when we come out there this fall! Just tell Jake no poop on the floor while I am there 😉

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