Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a busy weekend planned, but I am so glad! The weekend before was really only one day since Matt had a 24 hr shift on Saturday.

Saturday morning Matt is going to be helped out with a car wash to raise funds for the Marine Corps Ball. The more money we can raise ahead of time the less we will have to pay the night of. Last year it was over $100 for the both of us! I am already a little excited about the ball. I will be able to buy a cute dress that is not from the plus size section. Yippie! He also remembered to put on some sunscreen. This might not sound all that exciting, but somehow we always forget the sunscreen, or simply can’t find it.

While Matt was at the car wash I took the boys for a walk. We were on our way to the drug store when I saw there was a military event going on. I had gotten an email about it but had forgotten. They had lots of booths set up with different resources. Free stuff, which I always love. Jake got free ice cream so not much can beat that. Where Matt was good about the sunscreen I was not. I had only planned on being out of the house for an hour or so, we were gone for 2 1/2 hours. I actually got a sunburn, and Jake got a touch of pink on his arms. I felt so bad. He is too young to get sunburned! By the next morning the pink was gone and he was brown.

Saturday evening we attended a Mother’s Day event hosted by the housing we live in. Our name got drawn in the lottery. We have to dress in business or cocktail attire. Hehe, its been a while since I dressed up. I have to dress up, but also be ok, with spit up since the boys will be there too. Jake wore a button up shirt and jacket. He was super cute! Of course I forgot my camera, thank goodness for cell phones!

Matt and Jake all dressed up.

I was excited and nervous. The event was from 6 – 9 pm. Jake’s usual bedtime is usually 8:30 or so. We ended up leaving around 7:45. We had a good time though. Well, Jake, Nick and I had a good time. Matt was a great sport. He doesn’t really like those kind of things. It was crowded and loud. Kids running around. There was a nice dinner; Miso rub Salmon with Orange glaze, Chicken breast and veggies for the adults and Mac n Cheese, chicken nuggets, and tater tots for the kids. I might have stolen a tater tot from Jake. I haven’t had one of those in a long time. Jake got to make a “cool” bandana. Before Jake and I went to the craft table Matt was wondering why some of the adults were wearing crazy bandanas. Was this a Brent Michael’s look-alike contest? We also got to take home a very nice family photo. Miraculously all of us are looking at the camera and smiling!

Jake and Mommy

Sunday morning I woke up to “Mom, mom, mom, mom”. Jake was looking for me. He brought me a very cute hand made card and Matthew walked in with a crock pot. Some of you might say, oh no, a kitchen appliance, but it is what I asked for. My other crock pot is small and didn’t really have enough space for a lot of the recipes I make.

We went out for breakfast which ended up taking almost 2 hours. Jake was relatively well behaved and Nick slept the entire time. We had a pretty low key day. My one request of Matthew was to watch the boys for a little while so I could clean. Again, I know strange right. It was nice to start a cleaning job and actually finish a few things off. Most of the time I have to stop a few times to comfort someone or get something.

All in all, it was a great weekend!

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