Green Thumb vs. Black Thumb~ Week 7: Green Thumb Kickin’ booty!

Matt transplanting the tomato plants.


Yesterday we took a family stroll to the garden plat. My husband hadn’t seen our garden in over a week. He was impressed. I am impressed. Sticking seeds in the ground with manure and some top soil and voila plants appear! All my growing troubles must be from the fact that I have used pots in the past. If you don’t water things in pots that are under an awning, they don’t get watered. If you don’t water your garden plot it still will get some rain occasionally.

We are going to have a LOT of summer squash. We might have planted a bit too much. So if anyone has some great summer squash recipes I would love to hear them. I do a squash casserole for holidays sometimes, but it has a ton of butter and other things. Jake with his “tools”We transfered the tomato, jalapeno, and bell pepper plants that we had started in pots to the garden. I hope they do well.

Jake with his "tools"

I enjoy seeing how excited Jake gets when we go to the garden. This two year old loves wielding a hose. Really, who doesn’t love to wield a hose.

Yay water!

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2 Responses to Green Thumb vs. Black Thumb~ Week 7: Green Thumb Kickin’ booty!

  1. Dacia says:

    I don’t really have any recipes per se but I love to saute squash, mushrooms, and some onion and once browned I add some fresh or canned tomatoes and garlic. Yum!

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