Cruddy Weather, Cruddy Day

I never felt that my mood was directly affected by weather, but ugh! Sunday was a miserable morning. For most people in the country you say April Showers bring May Flowers. In San Diego we have May Gray and June Gloom. Granted, usually by mid-day the clouds have cleared and its beautiful out. I am already awake and going for 6 hours before noon.

Sunday I woke up in a FUNK! My birthday was a little over a week ago, and have yet to get a gift from my hubby. It is partly my fault. I never told him what I wanted. So, he ended up just giving me the money he had taken out for the gift. Ugh! I am in need of new clothes. Most of what I own is too big…hehe. So it’s a good thing that I can just go and pick out what I want. I can’t expect him to go out and get me clothes when I don’t know what size I am.

Matt knows me well (as he should…lol), and knew that if we just left the house to do something my mood would improve. We decided to go out to lunch. I hadn’t had Chipolte in a while. It is definitely NOT points friendly, but I had all my weekly points and about 15 activity points left (Monday is weigh in day). We packed the kids up and drove to Chipolte. Jake was whining the whole drive, until all of a sudden he quieted down….fast asleep in his car seat. Nick also was asleep. So, I just ran in and got burritos for Matt and I. We ate in the van with the windows down and just talked.

The boys were still asleep after we finished eating and our sweet teeth were calling out to us. We drove to the Dairy Queen close to our house. Again, I ran in and bought us ice cream. Got out to the van and we drove to a scenic place and ate our ice cream and talked some more.

Afterward I realized we totally had a date! For about an hour and a half we had lunch and dessert and just talked. No one interrupted us, or cried, or had a poopy diaper. It was so nice. We haven’t had a date in about 4 months. Nick is just to young to leave with a sitter and I am still his only source of food so I stick close by. I absolutely love my children. Sometimes I need a break.  A chance to reconnect with my husband and myself. We used to have a date night at least once a month and I am excited to be able to start that again in a few more months.

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4 Responses to Cruddy Weather, Cruddy Day

  1. Latina Barbi says:

    See??? Not soo bad afterall!! I love NY and Co their clothes fit good.

  2. Dacia says:

    How cute! I am so glad you and Matt had an impromtu date. I hope that there any many more of those in your future. Did you end up deciding what you wanted to do with the birthday money?

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