Looking for Owls

Owl Clipart Image: Cartoon owl with wings tucked in

One of my goals is to be more patient. I find it very hard to meet sometimes. While cooking dinner the other night, I had Jake bugging me to eat meat (I was cutting up raw chicken) and Nick fussing in his crib not falling asleep. The whole cooking process took me at least 20 min more than it should have from all my back and forth taking care of kids stuff.

By the time all the ingredients were in the pan and simmering with the lid on I could only guess what my blood pressure was. I was about to blow. Luckily that was when Matt came out of the shower and took care of the baby. Jake also became occupied by something.

We abandoned the table for dinner and watched a kids movie. So, a semi-quiet dinner.

The day before we had gone to a parade and craft show. While there we got a free key chain flashlight. Jake was playing with that and a big flash light. One of the shorts between shows on Nick Jr. talks about nocturnal animals and using  a flashlight to see an owl in a tree. So, Jake was looking for an owl in our house. It was just after dark and I thought, why not have a little fun. Indulge his imagination.

So, the three of us (Nick was asleep in his crib) got jackets and shoes on and ventured outdoors. I told Jake that he had to whisper or he would scare the owls away. We were outside, whispering, pointing our flashlights into a tree. I can only imagine what the neighbors would have thought if they saw us. Jake said he saw an owl. (We have lived in this house for 3+ yrs and I have never seen an owl in the area) We looked around the yard with flashlights for a few more minutes then headed inside.

After our owl watching we played catch together inside. Jake is getting pretty good aim. It is amazing how quickly you can go from stressed to the max to really enjoying your night.

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One Response to Looking for Owls

  1. Dacia says:

    You guys are such awesome parents. I am glad Jake ‘found’ an owl.

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