Debauchery and Loveliness

During our visit home Matt and I were able to participate in the bachelor and bachelorette parties, respectivly. I will let you guess which one fits which part of the title.

My brother’s friends planned a two night getaway. They left on a Friday and returned on Sunday afternoon. It actually sounded like a great time, and not too out of control. Saturday morning they played paintball…at 8 am…after a long night of drinking. I heard it was not a pretty sight. Good thing it was a week before the wedding so all the bruises had time to heal. Only a bunch of guys would plan to be out in the hot Florida sun at the end of May while everyone was either still drunk or very hungover, running around with face masks on and being shot at.

J with her bachelorette sash

My new sister-in-law J does not drink. So, our bachelorette party was a bit more low key. First, it was pouring down rain so we all got soaked getting to my sweet ass ride. Oh yeah, I drove us in my rental mini-van. You better believe it! We started our afternoon at J’s favorite day spa and all got a little pampered. Got a massage and mani/pedi in. It was MARVELOUS!!! 

My toes after the pedicure.

Then we went out to J’s favorite resteraunt Hanamizuki. If you are every in Orlando, FL and want authentic super duper yummy Japanese food check this place out! My family has been eating there for at least the last 10 years and have never been disappointed.

After our tasty dinner

We ended the evening watching Bridesmaids. Too funny! I haven’t been out to a movie with the girls in a long time. Yay for a fun girls night out celebrating the bride to be!

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