Almost summer

Memorial Day was beautiful! What a great day. Matt and Jake slept in a little. Had a yummy breakfast with my dad and step-mom.

After breakfast, Matt and Nick took a nap while Jake and I headed out to the pool. Jake had so much fun. He played with his new beach ball and jumped in to the pool. My Mom bought him swimmie wings. This was the second time wearing them. He floated and kicked his legs and swam without my help!!! He is getting so big!

Swimming on his own!

After the pool we cleaned off and then had a nice lunch. Publix subs. Yum! For those of you not from FL, Publix is a supermarket with super yummy subs.

Whenever we visit FL, there are three houses to see, my mom, dad and then my in-laws place. It can be exhausting. We always visit with lots of family too, since we only are in town a handful of times a year. My father’s house is always the most relaxed and calm. All we have to do is watch after the kids. No cooking, cleaning, or really anything to worry about. I usually can get a nice walk in and a swim, depending on the weather.

During this visit, we were at my dad’s in the middle of the first week. It was great to have two nights to refresh ourselves. Matt and I both got naps in. It was great!

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