Into the Cave

During our trip home I realized how old Jake is. Ok, I always knew how old he was, but I forget how much he can do and understand. He is still my little baby.

We played Simon says and red light green light with my niece while at my in-laws house. He was rockin’ Simon says. I had never played with him before. He was pretty good with red light green light, but did not completely understand the concept of red light means stop. The running was fun. He was it once, “Red light, green light, red light, blue light” followed by giggles and confused players.

So, I am going to try to do more things with him. Like play games and use our imaginations more. Last night we built a sheet tent in the living room and used our tunnel as a cave. We “camped” and looked for bears. We hid in the “cave” while it was raining and used our “flashlights” and “umbrella’s”. It was a lot of fun watching Jake make things up.

I didn’t fold up the “cave” last night so we have been playing with it today too. We were in the cave looking outside for elephants. One walked by the entrance (Bomber, our dog). Then we heard a baby elephant crying (Nick in his crib), so the mommy elephant (me) went to go check him. While the mommy elephant rocked the baby elephant the big elephant (Jake) sat with us. Then he started laughing. The daddy elephant was a dog. The dog was his “daddy”….ensue lots of laughing.

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One Response to Into the Cave

  1. kitchentutor says:

    Forts are the best!! Until you have to put everything away 😉 My kids also love sitting in a dark room with flashlights. They will sit there forever just pretending. We go through a lot of batteries but it’s worth it to let them have an adventure!

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