Today is the first day of summer! Yay summertime!!!

So I have the rest of this season to get to 150 lbs. Eek! I am definitely starting to feel the pressure of this goal. Monday, I weighed in at 171.4 lbs. A loss of 2.6 lbs. I’m telling myself it would have been more had we not gone out for Father’s Day lunch at Hooters. Oh well, the fried pickles made me smile. I know, sound icky, but oh so yummmmmmy. I have to stay focused, 21.4 lbs to loose before September 23rd. 94 days. I should probably average out how much weight I need to loose each week, but then I might just freak out.

School is out for my babysitter so, I am thinking about using her more during the week. I might even start a workout class. I am not sure if she is up for watching a toddler and a baby at the same time. I have heard a lot of people loving Zumba and am interested in trying it out. I feel like even though I am thinner now I look flabbier. Ugh! I guess my skin was filled out before. I definitely need to incorporate some strength training. The majority of my “work outs” consist of walks and cleaning around the house. My house should be so much cleaner, with all the cleaning I feel like I do.

I still have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. I am thinking about getting some free weights, new sneakers, and another new sports bra. I bought a 36 bra the other day. WooHooo!!! Unfortunately the cup size was smaller too, and I’m still nursing. My chest is going to be so flat after I stop nursing. Oh well, I guess my poor hubby is going to have to suffer.

Any suggestions on a good home weight set, or an easy workout with kids around?

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One Response to Countdown

  1. jamesandjax says:

    I hope someone comments with a good kid-friendly workout idea, because I could use one, too! I am like you–my workouts these days consist of chasing my kid or cleaning my house, with an occasional after-dinner walk to the park thrown in if the weather cooperates. I’m going to add in a once weekly pilates class, beginning next week. At least it’s a start. I just hope I keep up with it. Summer is usually so busy!

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