Chickeny Squashy Pasta goodness

I had a small piece of chicken breast, fresh picked squash from my garden, and a house of hungry tummies to feed. I honestly had no plan when I started cooking, but it turned out great.

First I put the chicken breast on part of the griddle to cook, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika. On the other side of the griddle sliced yellow squash and a little bit of minced garlic. Used Pam on both sides of the grill.

Cooked the chicken on both sides until almost done, sliced it and returned to griddle.

Mixed the squash and chicken together, added some fresh picked scallions and fresh basil to the mix.

While the chicken finished cooking I cooked spaghetti in another pot. I tried out Ronzoni’s new Garden Delight pasta with tomato, carrot and spinach in the pasta. It was tasty. Unfortunately it had a slightly higher Points plus value.

Plated the pasta with a quick spray of Pam so it wouldn’t stick (or a little butter if you are anyone but me in my household) a helping of the chicken squash mixture and a little bit of grated parmesan cheese. Yum-O

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