Fair-ly Fried


Yesterday, the four of us headed to the county fair. Mmmm, the smell of all things fried. This is the fourth year I have been to the fair. It is a blast.

Sleepy Piglet

We got to check out the livestock. Jake got to pet a goat, baa. We saw dairy cows, and some calves, two super cute piglets, and a whole bunch of rabbits and guinea pigs.

In the barn

We scouted out some shade for me and the kiddos to wait while Matt got us some food. I found out that inside the lost and found office there was a room that I could nurse inside. I was very happily surprised. I am not shy and will/have nursed in public with a nursing cover. Not having to do that was wonderful.

After that was done we ate some “Texas BBQ” sandwiches. Yum! Extra saucy. Jake’s face covered in BBQ sauce. There is something so cute about a kid with a messy eating face. Later, I splurged and had some funnel cake and “helped” Jake eat a little bit of his ice cream.

I LOVE ice cream!

I made sure to earn a ton of Activity points last week, so I could enjoy the fried yumminess. For how excited I was before we got there to eat a bunch of artery clogging fried stuff, nothing sounded all that great. Stupid weight watchers teaching me to make good choices. If we had been closer to that place selling the fried Kool-Aid, I probably would have gotten that instead of the funnel cake. I wouldn’t have done both though, too much food! If you are wondering how they fry a drink, it is some sort of mix of Kool-Aid and batter. The finished product is a slightly pink ball of fried goodness.

We checked out the rides, but I got car sick on the way there, so I passed on all the puke machines. It is going to be so much more expensive to go to the fair in a few years when the boys want to ride things and eat a ton of junk too.

I love walking through the booths watching people try to hawk their wears. Would you like your produce to last longer? Cleaner glasses? Super cool steam vac? How about knives that will cut boots in half? That is what I need. I have far too many whole boots in my house. 😉

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4 Responses to Fair-ly Fried

  1. Latina Barbi says:

    Activity points? How many did we get for walking 5 miles?? MUAH!

    • Well, it is calculated by what type of activity you do and your weight, so you might have earned more than me. I logged it as walk (>3.0 mph{20 min mile} and <5.0 mph {12 min mile} on level surface) for 90 minutes which ended up as 7. I know it wasn't a level surface, but that is about the pace we were doing. Hope that helps.

  2. kitchentutor says:

    Oh man!! I love fairs!! Since being gluten free it is a little hard to be around all the friend goodness and settle for something like a banana on a stick 😉 Sounds like you all had a great time!

    • Mmm, banana on a stick. I almost had that instead of the funnel cake. If I gave up on being healthy and caring about anything, I would follow the fairs and carnivals around the country eating terrible things. On the downside, when I had my heart attack they would have to call a flat bed truck and fork lift to get me out of the house. 😉

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