The Z-O-O

We went to the San Diego Zoo yesterday. I LOVE that zoo! I used to take Jake 2-3 times a month, but have only gone once since Nick was born. So glad to have Matt with me yesterday so we could go and see all the animals.

You can see Jake's reflection in the glass. He is in the red shirt.

It was a bit hot and really busy, but we managed to walk around almost the whole zoo.

This is as close as Jake would get to the elephant statues.

Jake kept telling me he wanted to climb on the baby elephant (not pictured). I would walk with him until he was about 2 feet from the thing, then he wouldn’t go any closer. In the photo that is Matt holding Nick in the shade of the elephant.

Flying the helicopter.

In the Polar Bear Plunge exhibit there is a shell of an helicopter that kids can sit in.

Jake from September 2010 at the same place.

What a difference almost a year makes.

Can't reach!

African protection monkey mask.

Thanks Daddy!

Overall, a fun day at the zoo.

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2 Responses to The Z-O-O

  1. Dacia says:

    Awww…how cute! I love the pictures of Jake in the helicopter!

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