A little sunshine

It is amazing what a little sunshine and some fresh air can do to your day. Yesterday morning I was not a happy camper. I was feeling doom, gloom and misery. Bleh!

So, after writing that post I decided to get my tushie in gear. Jake and I cleaned up some toys, I vacuumed the living room. Moving couches, pulling cushions off of chairs. I went full tilt.

Then we had a nice picnic lunch. Ah, fresh air, sunshine, watching a two-year old bask in both. We ate leftover chicken and potato salad and humus with carrots and bell peppers. That kid LOVES carrots and humus. He played on his new slide (a neighbor moved and we inherited it, score FREE stuff!!). Then we both had a popsicle. Nothing fancy, just some good old frozen fruit juice.

After lunch, my drippy, messy, sticky kid got cleaned off and both boys went down for a nap. I worked out and showered alone. Yes, you read that right I got to workout, and shower all by myself! WooHoo! I also had enough time to eat a small snack before Nick woke up. He is now chillin’ on my lap while I type this, trying to add letters.

I earned a bunch of activity points and hadn’t touched my weekly points yet so I had take-out Thai for dinner. YUM cashew veggies and sticky rice. I skipped the curries since I knew they would be too many points and opted for no meat, since really veggies are yummy enough on their own.

Sorry for the doom and gloom yesterday. I have to remember how good it feels to be outdoors. Life is too short to be negative.

Happy Monday!

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