Weight Watchers Update

I started my weight loss journey with weight watchers in January of 2010. I stopped for quite a while during my pregnancy and 6 weeks after. I am doing Weight Watchers exclusively online. It has saved all my information from that first weigh in.

Yesterday, I weighed in at 166.6 lbs. I have lost 40.4 lbs from my initial weigh in. I can’t believe I am 40 lbs lighter!! To take a page from my friend’s blog thirthythreeandcounting here are a few thing that weigh 40 lbs:

  • The big bag of dog food (What a pain to haul)
  • A 15-ft canoe
  • 5 gallons of water
  • The average human leg (my leg is almost average :-D)
  • Two car tires

If I loose another 8-10 lbs I will have lost as much as both my kids combined. It depends on how fast I loose and how fast they grow. I think eventually I will catch them, and then before I know it they will be bigger again. It’s wild to think how heavy they can feel after lugging them around for a little while. I used to be that much bigger and had to lug that weight around with me all the time.

Things that have improved with my weight loss:

  • My knees don’t hurt. I used to have knee pain anytime I worked out or was barefoot for more than a few hours.
  • My back doesn’t hurt daily.
  • I can wear some of my old clothes that I have been hanging onto.
  • I can fit through my son’s fold out tunnel.
  • My stamina
  • My appearance
  • My self-esteem

Sometimes it is hard to see the changes that have happened. They have occurred slowly over time. When I look back and think about it all, I can’t help but smile.

Thanks for reading!

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6 Responses to Weight Watchers Update

  1. Latina Barbi says:

    Wow..THAT IS AWESOME!! I can’t wait to have a post like this! Muah!

  2. jamesandjax says:

    Congratulations on the 40+ lbs so far! That’s great! You’re doing great, girl! 🙂

    • Thank you! Also, I found my kid friendly workout. It might not help you since you work. Ok, its not actually a kid friendly workout, I just work out during nap time. As long as the older one is down, its all good. The little one is either, also sleeping or happily playing on the ground laughing at me while I sweat. Well, he probably isn’t actually laughing at me, it just feels like that sometimes…hehe

  3. Dacia says:

    What a wonderful post! I am so proud of you. I am a bit sad though- I hit 40 lbs this weekend and was going to do a list too. Now I either have to think of more things or wait until I hit 50 to do it 😉 no biggie!!! So happy for you!

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