Goals Update

Good Morning! (Hopefully I will get this finished and posted before noon ūüėČ )

Hahaha, I wrote that sentence more than 12 hours ago and am now just getting back to it.

So, I had my weigh-in this morning. I lost 1 lb!!! I am only 14.8 lbs from my end of summer goal and 30.8 lbs from my final goal. Every time I get a little closer it amazes me. I have 8 1/2 weeks to lose that 14.8 lbs, a little more than 1.7 lbs per week. Eek! I better get cracking!

Today, in addition to weighing in I also entered my measurements. I have lost inches all over since the start last January. Here are two photos of me a sort of before and after. The first one is from March 17th 2005, from my husband’s TBS graduation. A mere 3 days before our wedding.


This next photo is from two weeks ago before I went out to play a kickball game.

I love pig tails, I will wear them until I am 90 at least! ;-D

Going through photos from the past trying to find one to use was a little bit of an eye opener. Sometimes I forget how far I have come.

I am now wearing clothes in MEDIUM! I can fit into some size 8 pants/shorts. I can’t believe I can wear clothing that is in the single digits. It is such a great feeling when I get dressed and I can see a waist line¬†separate¬†from my hips and bust.

So far this year I have walked 297.7 miles. I kinda feel like going out and walking .3 miles right now just to get to 300. Only 250.3 miles more to go.

I finished reading the book The House of the Spirits¬†by Isabel Allende. It was a great book. I really enjoyed it. It was something a little different. A story about three generations of women and their interesting lives. I would definitely¬†recommend¬†this book. I am looking forward to reading more from this author in the future. I have started to read Julie & Julia¬†by Julie Powell. I really enjoyed the movie, but am realizing that I enjoyed it more for the parts with Meryl Streep portraying Julia Child then the parts with Julie Powell. Eh, I’m only a third of the way into it so who knows.

I have been more calm and patient with my kids. I have not been getting much sleep but have been surviving. I remind myself that Jake is only two. I have played more and gotten angry less.

Nick just started fussing, gotta go. Have a good night all!

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