One up one down

I am so tired. My shoulders ache from holding kids all night. A friend had her parents keep her kids overnight as a birthday gift and I am so jealous!

Last night Nick finally slept. He stayed up until 10 something but didn’t wake until 4:20 this morning. Six glorious hours of sleep. I could have had six glorious hours of sleep had it not been for my over tired toddler screaming hubby and I awake at 11 something. We got to go to an event through Matt’s work to see Cars 2. Will talk about that in another post.

Hubby tried to get him but I could hear “NOOO DADDY!!! GOOOO AWAY!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” My poor husband. Both my boys usually are only happy with Mom in the middle of the night. So, even though he tried to gallantly take over for the big one since no nursing is involved, I was up and in the recliner before I knew it with a whiny toddler.

Actually, I just realized that had been the second time Jake woke up. I forgot about the time right before I got Nick down. I had laid Nick down for the third time in vain. Fast asleep then as soon as sheets touched him wide-eyed and smiling. I’m glad its hard to get frustrated when you have such a cute face looking up at you.

Woke up on the recliner with sprawled Jake on top of me who knows when. Got him then me into our beds and slept for a little while until Nick woke up.

Just heard a door open. Cross your fingers for nap time to happen today!



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2 Responses to One up one down

  1. Jaime says:

    Ouch, I feel your pain, you know I do! And I’m keeping my fingers crossed you got that nap!

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