Three Words

Yesterday, my friend Dacia wrote a post on her blog ThirtyThreeandCounting answering some questions for Thought-Provoking Thursday. One in particular had me thinking a lot.

What three words would you use to describe the last three months of your life?

Then she urged her readers to answer the question as a comment. I did, and realized I was writing a little too much for just a comment and decided to bring it over here and make it, it’s own post.

My answer was:

                   Tired, Satisfied, Growing

Here is why:

With Nick, I am tired a lot. With one good night’s sleep under my belt I realize how much happier I am when rested. Not only am I tired physically, I have grown tired of other things too. I love my husband, but am getting tired of the military. It puts so much stress on him, he works long hours and is away often.

Even though I am tired I am satisfied with life. I feel very fortunate. I am blessed with a beautiful, loving family. I love my life (when rested… ;-)). I know that no one is going to be happy all the time everyday. That is alright with me. It is unrealistic to be constantly happy. I am satisfied. If you think about it, I think satisfaction in life is more difficult to achieve than happiness. Lots of things can make you happy about life in the short-term. Satisfaction is something that you have to work on to maintain, but oh it is so worth it!

As each day passes I witness life growing in front of me. It’s amazing how quickly things change. Three months ago Nick couldn’t sit alone, eat solids, crawl, have any teeth, or babble all the time. Now he can. Jake is also growing into the role of big brother beautifully. I am growing as a person trying to live a healthier life and be a better mother and person.

Thanks Dacia for getting me thinking!

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2 Responses to Three Words

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  2. Dacia says:

    You are spot on- happiness is fleeting, it is satisfaction we should be working towards!

    Such a great post, I am glad that three words inspired so many more!

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