Is it just me…

or do you ever think. Man, my life is pretty mundane. Sure funny things happen with the kiddos, but really nothing that would qualify for a sitcom or anything like that. Every once in a while though…

So, its 5:30 am. Nick was in bed with me and Jake walks into my room to join us. He lays across my legs and is kinda bothering Nick, so I move him. Really, I just want my legs free. I gently roll him to my right side, but his bear falls down. He is asleep, but still says “My Kuma!!!” (Kuma is bear in Japanese, my brother picked it up in Japan for Jake)

(This is a slighty creepy image of a life-size Rilakkuma like Jake’s, minus the apron from the store in Tokyo, Japan)

Then, while trying not to wake Nick, I hold Jake and lean over the side of my bed to pick up Kuma. All the while trying to avoid dropping Jake or falling myself.

Just as my fingers reach Kuma, Nick rolls over towards me up to my back. After a few seconds of reaching and wishing my arms are longer I get Kuma. Fling the damn bear back onto the bed, roll Nick gingerly back over and scoot Jake and myself back on the bed.

It’s a miracle neither of them woke up and that I slept for another hour and a half. It was 5:30 so I might have been delirious, but I could hear the laugh track going on in my head.

Happy Monday!

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