Weight Watcher’s Update

So, I did better this last week. I tried to keep myself in mind. It was harder some days than others.

I logged 17.6 miles last week. I did a lot of walking and a little running. My knees started bothering me after running 3 days straight so I took a break. I have definitely been using my new jogging stroller and loving it! I am so glad I finally found one that was reasonably priced.

I ate fairly well. I had two things working against me this week. Wednesday, a big group of us met up at a burger joint to have a meal together. This place has very few healthy options. I ate light for breakfast and lunch in preparation and ended up ok. The other thing was the weekend. Alright, there is a weekend every week, but they seem even more difficult when hubbster is away and I have no desire left in me to cook, or care, because I just want to sleep.

All that said, I did cook good healthy meals that produced left overs a couple of times. Including the super tasty Spicy Sweet Beef Stir Fry by the Kitchen Tutor. I love most of her recipes but for some reason I was extra gaga for this one. Check it out!

So, in the end I lost .6 lbs, not much but it was a negative number so I am happy. I am now down to 161.8 lbs. Only 11.4 lbs until my end of summer goal.

This week I will try not to let the weekend ruin my forward progress over the week. I will try to keep apathy at bay. I find it can be hard to care about myself enough to watch what I eat and how I feel about it. I have two other lives I have to constantly think about. Looking forward to Wednesday. I have the sitter coming for a little while and I am going to get my hair cut and have a little time for just me.

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3 Responses to Weight Watcher’s Update

  1. Latina Barbi says:

    You are doing awesome! muah!

  2. kitchentutor says:

    Thanks for the link-up!! Glad you liked the beef stir fry as much as we did 🙂

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