Tweet tweet

I made the dive and joined twitter yesterday. When twitter started I decided that I wad already far too connected with the world. Well, I guess I wasn’t really connected enough. Until now :-).

I hate to admit it, twitter is fun so far. A little creepy and a little confusing.

I already have 12 followers. Three that I actually know (through the Internet and IRL). Some of my followers seems like spam. That’s just weird.

There are lots of ampersands (&) and hash marks (#). Didn’t # used to be the pound sign? When did that become a hash mark? Here is a fun tidbit I never thought about before. The # on a phone is called a hash in Great Britain. When people say “pound sign” elsewhere they are referring to £, the sign for the British pound. Also, look at your keyboard, on a US-English keyboard the symbol above the 3 is #. On a UK-English keyboard it is a £. (Thanks Wikipedia, I hope you were accurate about this information…lol ;-))

I already feel like twitter is going to help keep me entertained when I’m bored.

Are you on twitter? Find me @jakennicksmomma

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3 Responses to Tweet tweet

  1. Oh yeah. You’re gonna get hooked. It’s so fun!

  2. I am definitely hooked!

  3. Dacia says:

    I was very confused by the hashtag (pound sign) at first too. Did you figure it out? I would offer an explanation but it might confuse you more. Lol!

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