Poop, not for eating

Jake: “Mommyyyyy, Poop not for eating, Mom?”

Me: “No, Jake, poop is not for eating”

You might be super grossed out by that. Do not alarm yourselves. My son was not actually going to eat his own poop.

We are still potty training and are doing better. I feel like I am running a nudist colony of one. Jake will wear a shirt and nothing else most of the day. He is peeing in the potty fairly consistently, YAY! He is also pooping in the potty too. If you have no potty training experience, having a kid go #1 is usually easier than #2 in a potty.

So, this morning, Jake peed in the potty and called me to come see. Yes, he peed in the potty then pooped next to it. Ugh! I am sick of cleaning shit up. So, I grab my cleaning supplies and the dog came up to sniff his poop. Jake yells, “BOMBER DON’T EAT MY POOP!!”

Which led to the question listed above. Oh, yeah, the dog did NOT eat the poop. Its only 8 am.


Here is a fun update. As I was typing the last sentence Jake just came up to me and said, “I poop on the floor Mommy.” I guess he wasn’t done. Once that was cleaned he said, “I want to wear a diaper.” Sure kid, now that you have pooped on the floor twice before 8:02 am you want to wear a diaper.

I might need more than one cup of coffee today.

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9 Responses to Poop, not for eating

  1. jamesandjax says:

    Great title. I just HAD to click over & read this one! LOL.

    Boy, you confirmed it–I’m dreading potty training with Jax. He just turned 2, so I guess I should maybe one of these days start really thinking about it. Ugh. Have I mentioned my dread?

    • Don’t think about it yet! Enjoy diapers (if that is possible). I tried to force the issue before Nick was born when Jake was around 2. No luck. Some things are better when you wait. It is so much easier now, because he wants to go to the bathroom. Yes, he gets distracted and forgets, but mostly he is really excited/proud of himself when he gets it right.

  2. Jessica says:

    Fun…funny…and will be my life for the first time in a few years. I’m pregnant with our first…and I know what you describe is exactly what’s in my future. 🙂

  3. kitchentutor says:

    Ah!!!! Potty training!!! Such a trial!! We also did the no pants deal and that did seem to be effective… messy… but effective. Keep at it and soon you will be done cleaning up stray poop! Now, I just get the honor of finding it randomly in the toilet cause I guess I never instilled the importance of flushing!!!

  4. Dacia says:

    Hot soup came out my nose after reading that last update! I would make a snide comment here but soup out the nose is still not nearly as bad as cleaning up shit twice in a two minute span. Yikes!

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