Mow Lawn

Some days are more difficult than others. Some days seem easy, breezy and things just go well. I don’t want to tear my hair out, and somehow all the dishes get put away and laundry folded.

Today was not one of those days. By, 8:30 this morning I was done. I didn’t care. Sure, you can have another glass of milk and watch more TV, whatever.

So, when hubby left for work (not till a little afternoon, late flight) I said we need some outdoor time. Nothing like some sunshine and fresh air to make everyone happier. That is just what we did. I mowed the lawn. You might be thinking: Gee, what a miserable way to get fresh air.

I really enjoy mowing the lawn. I used to enjoy the quiet in my mind. I could just think and enjoy the outside. I use an old school push mower when the kids are outside with me. Now, my favorite part of mowing the lawn is Jake and his “mow lawn.”

First, we always go through and pick up all the dog poop. Jake is always a big help, “Mom, more dog poop Mom.” “Mom poop here, Mom.” “Mom, Lots of dog poop Mom” (On a side note: some days I feel like I am a drill instructor or something. Most of Jake’s sentences start and end with Mom.)

Next I use my lawn mower and Jake uses his “mow lawn.” He runs around the yard pushing this thing and any time he is in front of me yell, “MOM, I IN YOUR WAY MOM!” over and over until he is clear of me. “I know buddy, I see you.”

I love that kid! What a great day today has become.

P.S. This is my 100th post. Can you believe it 100 already! I was going to write something more about it but, eh 😀

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