Week off Update

Here is my secret. I have taken the last week and a half off of Weight Watchers. I’m not proud of this. I am surprised by the outcome though.

Surprised by two things. Firstly, I didn’t gain any weight during that time. I know how is that possible? I stayed the same on weigh-in day. Which leads me to the second thing, I have changed.

Sure, I ate worse than I probably would have had I been tracking my points, I used real sugar in my coffee, but I still ate tons of fruit. I might have eaten too much ice cream, but I still walked outside. Weight watchers has helped me change my habits. I have a better idea about portion sizes. I have a better idea at what full feels like. In general I am a healthier person.

You might be asking yourself why I took time off. WW has been so good to me. I have been loosing weight consistently. I don’t have a great answer. I was just tired. You can read about it here. My lack of sleep turned me apathetic. It was just too much to track everything I put in my body. (insert terribly tasteless joke here)

Another, subconscious reason, that I realized later was my size. When I first started loosing weight I kept dreaming about when I would be a size 10 or even in the single digits. I am a size 8/10 now. Its crazy talk! I am still overweight, if I reach my goal weight I will be 134 lbs at 5 ft 4. That is going to put me at what, maybe a size 4/6? That is absolutely crazy talk. I don’t think I can comprehend being that thin. My goal weight falls in the healthy weight range for a person of my height, 117 lbs – 146 lbs.

So, I’m back to WW and tracking my points. Only sweetened my coffee this morning.

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