Dancin’ my Tushie Off!

It’s hard trying something new. It is uncomfortable. All summer I kept saying I was going to join a workout class. My babysitter was available the whole time. I just had to actually do it.

I put it off. I thought about it, a lot. My friend over at Thirty Three and Counting is adventurous. She got some groupons for local gyms and tried out a bunch of classes. As I sit on my butt and read her posts about working out I always think, “Yeah, I should do something like that.”

So, after months of putting it off I decided to go and try a class. I haven’t done a group workout class for years. I was a little nervous. Saturday morning Hubby watched the kids. I left hearing, “MOMMY, I WANNA GO TOO. MOMMY DON’T GO!!!!” This did not help the positive attitude I was trying to foster in my head.

Another, blogger friend from Latina Barbi suggested Zumba as a great workout. I followed her advice and did Zumba for the first time. There were at least 100 people on the basketball court. The sheer number of people made me feel a little at ease. Had this been a smaller more intimate class I would have felt more self conscious.

I felt great afterward. It took me a little while to figure out all the moves. I am so thankful that I can kinda keep a beat. What a fun class! I also enjoyed the fact that though the majority of the participants were women, there were a few guys there. An older gentleman in the front was fun to watch. He was at least 75 and was dancing all around with the best of them. He even had the obligatory old man calf high white socks on.

I have the sitter coming on Wednesday so I can try another class out.

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2 Responses to Dancin’ my Tushie Off!

  1. Latina Barbi says:

    YAY!!! So glad you did it!! I feel sexy after class!! Keep it up! MUAH!

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