Weight Watchers Update

I am finally back on track. I tracked every thing that I ate and all the activities last week. It paid off. Weighed in this morning to a 3 lb weight loss! Yay!!! This is my wake-up call. Eating healthy and exercising does work.

Unfortunately, with the first day of Fall on Friday I won’t be meeting my summer goal of being 150 lbs. With my own mental break from weight loss I am 10.2 lbs away as of today. It is unhealthy for me to try to lose 10 lbs in less than a week. If I can drop that .3 lbs and be in the 150’s again I will take it as a mini-win.

Another mini-win is me finding a yummy low points breakfast option. I recently tried those Sandwich Thins buns. Yummy. I love breakfast sandwiches, but why leave the house with two little ones and pay for one that is full of junk? I cooked an egg and topped one side of a Sandwich thin with a little ketchup. It doesn’t take long to make, just cook egg and toast bun at same time, and tada yummy egg sandwich for only 3 points. (use less than 1 TBS ketchup) Have some fruit on the side and you will be full for a while. If you want some meat, add a slice of bacon for 1 more point. Still a very low points breakfast. Great to use if you know you are going to have a higher points lunch or dinner in your near future.

Also, when you feed your 2 yr old this you can make a ketchup smiley face. Oh heck, put one on your own too ;-). Although, your child might end up looking like some sort of zombie when they get ketchup all over their face and have a little egg  hanging out of their mouth.

Have a great week!

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4 Responses to Weight Watchers Update

  1. the Jilb says:

    WW is awesome! It’s a program that really works, and teaches you to eat better.

    I have to say once you get to that goal weight, that’s when it gets tough. At least for me.

  2. Dacia says:

    Great job! Although you didn’t technically make your summer goal it probably still feels like summer in Cali so I think that buys you some more time 😉

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