Miramar Airshow

What a fun day at the Miramar Airshow yesterday! The weather was beautiful.

Will sleep through anything!

First I went through all the booths and loaded up on some free stuff. 😉 I love free stuff.

Jet Truck

What is cooler than a truck and a jet engine? When you combine the two!

Don’t mess with my corn dog!

Nope not related.

Matt thinks this should be my profile pic.

Marine Air Ground Taskforce Demo

CH-53 Aerial Refuling

Hehe, how cool is that!!!!

More refueling

I took lots of pictures.

We love airshows!

V-22 Osprey

CH-46 Phrog

Ok, one last photo

Happy Monday!


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2 Responses to Miramar Airshow

  1. Dacia says:

    I love all the photos of the planes and helicopters but even more than that I love the family photos. You are one good looking bunch of people! 🙂

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