Most people run and hide from blustery rainy days. I revel in them. 😀 The weather is so beautiful here in San Diego most of the time. Ok, don’t hate me. This morning on the news they said there was an 100% chance of rain. I started beaming.

So, the downside is not long walk today, but I can live with that as I curl up with a nice hot cup of tea. Also, I’m making a butternut squash soup for dinner. Yum! I really enjoy the fall.

What is your favorite fall dish? I’m looking forward to making pumpkin things too 😀


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4 Responses to Blustery

  1. SandySays1 says:

    I like party dishes for Halloween parties. They’re fun to make and help liven the party. My three favorites are, “ghost heads,” “bat’s eyes,” and “lady fingers.” My last post tells how to make them.

  2. Latina Barbi says:

    Me too love …love the rain! muah!

  3. Dacia says:

    You should share the butternut squash soup recipe. I really want to make that sometime soon 🙂

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