T-Shirt Craft

A few months ago Come on, Ilene! was Freshly Pressed with a tutorial on making Vintage-Looking State Shirts. I immediately loved the idea and knew I could make really cute shirts for the boys. Check out her site for step by step instructions. I am going to make one for me too. The shirt I bought was a v-neck and if you look at the V-22, the rotors would have landed “just right.” So, I’m going to find a scoop neck t-shirt instead.


Jake loves dinosaurs!

Rockin' his new shirt

Taken seconds before Jake realized Nick had one of his toys and took it away… 😉

Jake's V-22 Osprey

You can tell I did Nick’s onesie first, its a little bit messy. I might redo it…maybe….

Nick's V-22 Osprey

This might be what everyone gets for Christmas this year. I feel like the possibilities are endless. Cute personalized T-shirts.

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7 Responses to T-Shirt Craft

  1. Dacia says:

    Those are so freaking adorable! What a great idea and you are right; you can personalize them countless ways!

  2. Are the designs raised, or is it the picture that makes it look that way?

  3. Nadia says:

    DINOSAURS! Jake’s got style!

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