Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Who would have though a mere week after writing about cold, windy weather would it be so stinkin’ hot! It was over 80 degrees this morning at the pumpkin patch before 10 am. Eek!

You talkin' to me?

First we had a little class on pumpkins. Not really the most interesting thing for the under 5 crowd (which were all the kids in our group).


Then we headed over to the “petting zoo.” Um, a few goats and a chicken in a pen does not a petting zoo make. The kids were excited none the less.

Farmer Nick

Oh, don’t you wish I posted the one of me in there…hehe…

Farmer Jake

I missed the shot of pure joy in his face the moment he sat on the tractor.


There were so many to choose from, Jake had a hard time and walked around a LOT!

They had some really beautiful sunflowers there.

Overall a fun outing. The staff consisted of mostly seniors were a little surly. It was a hot day and I think they might have been sick of kids not listening to them. Who knows. The kids didn’t notice so who cares in the end. We also now have two pumpkins at the house.

Happy Autumn!


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