On my Nightstand…

because I can’t think up another clever name. Here is week two in James&Jax.com’s weekend reading Blog Hop.

I am not finished with Decision Points yet, but felt that I should have something new and interesting to blog about come today. Luckily, I had library books due Friday and a book I had on hold came in. Yay!

I started reading The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons I am only a short way into it, but am interested. It is based in 1941 Russia, about two sisters who fall for the same guy. This one came recommended by a friend. We shall see.

So, now I have partially through two books that are both over 500 pages. I will probably not have a new book to talk about next week.

As for Jake, he picked up four books at the library. Two Curious George ones, one about trains, and one about an anteater. I am so happy, he LOVES to read. I have caught him more than once flipping through the pages of a book and telling the story aloud. Makes me so happy to see that.

If it were up to me I would keep buying him more books, but he already has two kiddie bookshelves full with an overflow shelf of more books. Thank goodness for the library!

Happy reading.

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2 Responses to On my Nightstand…

  1. jamesandjax says:

    If you don’t finish a book for next week’s blog hop, it’s OK to still link up if you want to talk about something else book-related, like how much you like the library (what you love about it), for example. I love hearing from you!
    I haven’t taken Jackson to the library yet, but it’s on our list of fun things to do soon enough. I’m saving it for the winter, when we’ll be seeking new & fun things to do indoors when we’re stir-crazy.
    Thanks so much for linking up again!

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