Weight Watcher’s Update

Yesterday was my WI day. I lost .4 lb and am 158.6 lbs. Its kinda amazing to me, especially when I sit here and read that number written out.

I have written about how I have been having some dedication troubles. I have definitely gotten off my path to success and stalled out at 160 lbs. This week I am re-committing myself to living healthy. My friend Dacia over at ThirtyThreeandCounting.com is a constant inspiration to me. She has so much dedication to her journey of weight loss and healthy living. So, in an effort to get back on track I am following in her footsteps and going for my #7daychip. Basically, you set your own goals and try to stick with it for 7 days in a row. Click here is more information. Dacia just rocked it and got her #30daychip and is working toward #100day chip. Holy crow!!!!

For me, my #7daychip goal is to stick with the Weight Watchers plan all seven days. I know that might seem so easy, but I have been having a hard time doing it. I keep finding “special occasions” every week to stray from the plan. I know things come up every week. I think every weekend until the New Year there is something, a birthday party, a holiday, or a gathering of some sort. I CAN NOT let that be an excuse to eat poorly and give up.

Last night, there was a get together at a bowling alley. So, I planned for it. I ate more fruits and veggies during the day and less of my points in order to be able to enjoy my night out with the ladies. I also ate dinner before I left the house so I wasn’t starving upon arrival. With that planning when two beautiful, delicious smelling pizzas showed up I didn’t gobble the whole thing up. I actually didn’t have a slice until about an hour later, when I was actually hungry. I have to write that again. I didn’t immediately eat half a pizza. I watched other eat theirs but knew I was full and listened to myself. The Kathleen of last week would have totally had a few slices, full or not, simply because it was there.

If you feel like you are slipping on a goal you have made don’t despair. You can do it!



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6 Responses to Weight Watcher’s Update

  1. Baby steps. I bet the pizza tasted amazing when it was seasoned with hunger instead of guilt. Good for you!

  2. the Jilb says:

    I know how hard it can be to stick with it. I was down to a pretty good weight, and have since gained 10 lbs. Time to get back with it!!

  3. It seems sometimes that there is nothing easy or fun about losing weight. Sometimes it feels like I’m constantly taking tests and flunking, yuck!! But than you have a win, like listening to your hunger scale, preparing successfully for the day and like wow the feeling of “I can do this” comes flying right back. Every little step you make is a success and of course we don’t have to be perfect all the time, just the majority of the time. Concentrate on the wins, move forward from the off moments and just string your wins together.

    You’re on Day 3 now, right? You’ve got this, keep moving forward!!

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