Do you ever hear something on the radio or see on TV that just makes you mad? Some off-hand comment that generalizes you into a category or labels you? When things like that happen, I have a hard time forgetting about them.

So, this morning as I was fixing breakfast and listening to NPR I hear a story on Somali refugees and the difficulties they have with eating Somali food her in the U.S. (Click Here for article). This is the quote that got me:

“Unlike most Americans, Somali refugees like to cook from scratch, with fresh ingredients, making the same dishes they would eat at home.”

Which “most Americans” is she referring to? Maybe it is just me. I buy a ton of fresh fruits, veggies, and meats. I make my meals from scratch. Sure, occasionally I use shortcuts, but not often. This morning I made pancakes, flour, salt, baking powder, egg, banana, milk, and chocolate chips (doesn’t everyone eat Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes?). My cooking dinner doesn’t include opening a box or plastic bag, it usually involves chopping veggies and browning meat.

One quick sentence and I am frustrated. The more I think about it though, I might not be like “most Americans.” The middle section of most grocery stores are filled with boxes and bags and containers of all shapes and sizes to make it easier to eat. Shortcuts to cooking. Perhaps that is why America has such an obesity epidemic.

The article also talked about how the mother makes and effort to go on walks and get to the gym. How she sends her kids out to play soccer and get off the computer.

How do you feel about the cooking habits of “most Americans”?

Update: Thank you English Police aka Mom 😉

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4 Responses to Incensed

  1. You know my mom makes comments like this sometimes and it really makes me mad!! I love cooking from scratch. I cut corners sometimes too and I love my microwave, but I work hard to do prep in bulk and freeze dinners in a ready to cook state.
    Until I see resturants offering meals in un-oversized portions it will be obvious that we as a whole are still demanding more than a days worth of calories in one sitting

    • Restaurants frustrate me too. On those days where I am tired of cooking and we order out or go out I almost always feel like I could have cooked the same thing for less and healthier…of course that means I would have had to cook it… 😉

  2. kitchentutor says:

    I do think the majority is probably the box/can opening type as I look into the carts next to meet at the grocery store and Sam’s club but I think there is definitely a pull in the other direction. I think most people have good intentions but no time and motivation at the end of their super over busy insanely scheduled days. Which… is one reason I started my blog!! Hoping to inspire some folks to see cooking as something enjoyable and that you can easily throw together a healthy meal using about anything in your fridge.

    I do wish we had more fresh markets that are found in other countries but our food system has become too corporate… but don’t even get me started on that one!!! Ha! Great post!!

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