It’s a Wonder We All Aren’t Only Children

In the not so distant past a jealous two-year old decided to cut her brother’s face with safety scissors. Who knows what runs through the minds of toddlers.

A few years later while said sister and brother were running in circles, brother tripped sister, who fell on brother and broke his collar-bone. (IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!) To this day my brother the brother blames his older sister.

It amazes me that everyone is not an only child. I can not tell you how many times these words have been said in my house:

  • “We don’t hit”
  • “It is not nice to kick brother”
  • “Brother is small and you are so big, you have to be nice and gentle”

Nick is only 9 months old! I think my mother is having a little laugh right now. She used to tell us that we would win the gold medal if the Olympics had a fighting competition.

Over the weekend we attended a friends 1st birthday party. I witnessed a big sister go up to her baby brother and bite him on the forehead. Part of me felt bad for that poor baby and mother. Another part of me, the evil part, was just glad to know that other people have the same problems.

Through Nick’s short life his big brother has been rough on him more than I would like to admit. Even so, Jake has also been kind. He plays peek-a-boo when Nick is sad. He likes to hold Nick’s hand while we are driving. He brings Nick toys to play with.

So, if you are an older sibling, try to remember to be sweet to your kid brother/sister every once in a while. It will warm your parent’s heart and help them forget all the times you were rotten… 😉

Happy Halloween, come back tomorrow to see us dressed like the Rubble Family.

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3 Responses to It’s a Wonder We All Aren’t Only Children

  1. My sister once hit me upside the head with her sand bucket. Paybacks are you-know-what.

  2. mom says:

    Loved it! Your writing made me smile indeed… I am very thankful that “the ” brother and “the” sister are close and have ceased fighting altogether. (although the teasing does continue) You all make me proud!

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